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Hail Energy 98% CBD Shatter - 1g

Hail Energy 98% CBD Shatter - 1g

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Bringing pure energy flavours with this select range, Hail Energy's own range of 98% CBD Shatter will offer premium vaping experiences to those looking to try it with the real stuff. With whatever flavour you choose, this range of 1g of pure CBD shatter will rain down hard all the vaping goodness to anyone looking for truly potent stuff.

- Made In The UK

- 1g

- 98% CBD

Apple Spark
Sweet and sour apple that's sure to spark your taste buds into life.

Cherry Charge
Bold dark cherry leads the charge in this energy rampage.

Melon Madness
A mad mix of melons with a wild kick of energy.

Orange Dream
Juicy Seville orange and energy drink, the stuff dreams are made of.

A downpour of raspberries and blueberries that will drench your mouth in flavour.

THC Content<0.2%
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